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XTEND Australia win Member Love Award for the third consecutive year

We are incredibly proud to have won the 10 THOUSAND FEET Strategic Market Research Member LOVE Award for PT/Group Training at the AUSactive awards for the third consecutive year.  This accomplishment recognises the commitment of our studio owners and instructors and the positive impact XTEND Australia has on our members’ lives.  We want to express […]

12 Days of Gratitude

2021 has been a year of calling on our resiliency – once again. Now that the holidays are upon us and this is typically a time of surrounding ourselves physically with love and gratitude, we’ll need to call on resiliency and patience again in a big way, as we may not be able to share in each […]

Let’s Amp Up the Energy

It’s November! Can’t you just feel all the subtle shifts happening around as we head into this new month? Mother Nature seems to be waking up, summer’s on the way, even the air smells “new.” November has always been a favourite month of mine, and for me the word that captures it is ENERGY!  Ask yourself where your energy level is as we […]

10 ways to press play on fitness today!

As we celebrate 10 incredible years of XTENDing our limits and reaching into our challenge zones, I thought I would share with you some motivation for staying engaged in your progress and focused on consistency, to achieve whatever goals are next for you!   I get health and fitness related questions on a wide variety of topics daily, […]

What is the Challenge Zone in XTEND?

All of us have experienced that moment during physical exertion when you start to fail. The work begins to feel too hard. You start shaking. Your muscles are fully fatigued. Your body is screaming at you to stop. You know you can’t go on.  But guess what? You’re wrong.  Your body can do more than you […]

The Power of Music

Founder of XTEND, Andrea Rogers, shares the benefits of music to make your life healthier and happier, and easy tips on how you can include it more in daily your life, including a Spotify playlist to use as your life soundtrack! Quite simply, music is my mantra. It’s the backdrop of my life. It is, in […]

Introducing… XTEND Pilates

What is XTEND Pilates? We wanted to create a Pilates workout that mirrored what we love about our XTEND workout (the high intensity, the pumping music, the sweat, cardio and burn, and the way our classes flow seamlessly. We know the list is endless!). In order to do this, we have taken the foundation exercises […]

Mat Pilates 101: Everything you need to know about Pilates

If you haven’t tried a Pilates class yet, I warn you… once you find the power of Pilates, you will join the millions of people who scream its benefits from the rooftops. These benefits include Improved strength, increased mobility and better co-ordination, all of which teamed with the chemical benefits of exercise will give you […]