Why consistency in barre training is key - XTEND
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There is a saying in dance companies, “miss one day and you notice it, miss two days and everyone notices it!”
Dancer or not, consistency is key for getting the best results from your barre training!

Here are a few reasons why:

    1. It will reduce muscle soreness

New clients will sometimes experience muscle soreness after their first XTEND Barre class and regular clients will be familiar with muscle soreness when they come back from a holiday. I like to call this the ‘XTEND Barre waddle’!

While it can sometimes feel good to experience soreness in the right places (a nice reminder that you’ve been working hard!), consistency is key for getting past this soreness, getting stronger and pushing your boundaries.

    1. You’ll build strength and coordination little by little for BIG results

Everyone’s first XTEND Barre class can be a bit of a shock to the system (in a good way!). It’s often only once you get back to the barre a few more times – once you become familiar with the formula, the movements and what we are guiding you to do – that you can begin to make changes and improvements.

Once you are comfortable with the movements, you can begin to push deeper, breathe better and get more out of each class. Why not get deeper into that bend?! You’ll start to benefit from extra strengthening and toning at no extra charge.

    1. You should try something new at least four times

Why not try something new, and then try it again, at least four times! It is only with the ongoing practice of something that we learn and discover. So if you’re new to XTEND Barre – stick with it! With time – you might just learn to love that very movement that you thought you hated. Those exercises that are challenging can be just the thing that was missing from your training.

    1. You can plan for results

Plan your week of classes and stick to it! With our amazing XTEND App, there are no excuses. We are waiting at the studio and can’t wait to work with you! Try to discover something new about your strength, posture and technique in every class. Although we use the same techniques, no two classes are ever the same, making it is easy to be consistent with your barre training and pushing you to achieve amazing results.

Suzie Combemorel is the owner and an Instructor of XTEND St. Lucia. Suzie’s past international dance career saw her perform for the Moulin Rouge and the Royal Opera. She also studied Pilates in Amsterdam.