Why everyone from Victoria Secret Models to your Mum is XTENDing at the Barre - XTEND
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QUESTION: What’s that thing called the morning after your first XTEND class when your hamstrings are crying and the rest of your body is screaming at you in a foreign language?

ANSWER: This is your body’s way of letting you know that you entered ‘The Challenge Zone.’ WELL DONE! Because anyone can walk into a fitness studio and go through the motions. But not everyone will take that big leap, which actually only involves an inch or more of movement, to enter into Their Challenge Zone.

  • XTEND studios are ALL ABOUT the challenge and ALL ABOUT the change.

For real. It is hard. It’s designed to be though. Physical exercise isn’t supposed to be a walk in the park, and if it is, then it’s unlikely you’re getting any real results.

  • XTEND is a workout for the body – and for the mind!

There are people at the barre transforming their bodies, creating stronger, leaner, harder physiques, and there are some transforming their minds too, learning the extreme sense of empowerment that comes from overcoming the physical pain of some of the movements (did I mention it hurts?). Some delighting in the clarity that comes after a heart pumping, endorphin fuelled workout. All that blood and dopamine to the brain works wonders.

  • It’s a one-way ticket to Tone Town

There are some who are losing weight, who want to feel more comfortable in their body and their clothes. Women who are toning up, working at looking amazing in a bikini or a dress for a special occasion. Women who frankly, just want to feel sexier.  Nothing wrong with that! Not that many barre-loving Victoria’s Secret models can be wrong after all.

  • It’s the release mums are looking for!

There are pregnant women maintaining movement throughout their pregnancies. There are young mums burning off the choc-infested energy renewal called ‘morning tea’ after a long night with their little ones. Other mums, acquiring some mental solitude after dealing with… actually let’s not elaborate. It’s a long list.


There are some gaining strength, taking care of their ageing bodies, improving their posture, muscle tone and core strength. There are others who are already physically fit, supplementing their swimming, running, cycling, hockey, dancing or yoga with something that further strengthens them, challenging them in new ways.

  • We all have our reasons. We all want to change SOMETHING

Whether it be our lives, our bodies, or just our bad morning. Will that happen in the ‘The Comfort Zone?’ No, it will not. Without challenge, there is no change. The Challenge Zone is why everyone who comes gets results. The Challenge Zone is why some people get addicted. It’s a pretty thrilling feeling blowing your own mind. And the Challenge Zone is why some mornings after a class, you wake up and your entire body is trying to file for divorce. Congratulations – you’re tricking your body into change.

If you feel it – you’ve earned it. WELL DONE!

Cindy Parsons is the owner of XTEND Western Suburbs in Perth, WA. With a Bachelor of Communications and a PhD in Procrastination, she’s done everything from serving cocktails in Melbourne to TV publicity in Sydney and even writing her own column in Darwin. If she’s not XTENDing at the barre, she’s probably running late for school pick up, drinking her 4th almond milk latte by the beach, or just at home in her PJ’s – perfecting her moonwalk.