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When I took my very first XTEND Barre session, I was pretty blown away. Sure, I’d done my research and expected a full body workout. But I didn’t realise that I’d be working my whole body – even those parts I never paid attention to before that moment – the entire time!

That’s right, 55-minutes dedicated to constant movement, from the very beginning of the class right through to the very last second. Stretch, strength, stability and stamina…it’s all happening at the barre!

Now as an XTEND Instructor, I’m proud to share this workout with an array of clients from all different backgrounds. It never gets old to hear a new client say, “where has this been all of my life!”

And I can tell you – in complete confidence – why they are saying this. Because XTEND Barre is the full body workout that will make you question whether you ever truly knew what a full body workout was. That’s right, you’re going to know about every single inch of your body after an XTEND Barre session – in a good way of course.

At XTEND, we aren’t just focused on the major muscle groups or getting our sweat on. We activate muscles and parts of our body that we otherwise don’t see too – some muscles that you may not have even realised existed.

Your body will be working in unison with all components of what makes a fit, strong and mobile body. XTEND Barre works on how to improve posture using the deep stabilising muscles, strengthening the joints and aligning the entire body.

Concerned about injury? Don’t be.

In an XTEND Barre class, we’re stretching even when you don’t realise you’re stretching, and you’ll be balancing even when you thought you were just pumping out a sequence of movements. All the while, maintaining awareness of our all-important core and protecting the body from injury.

In each exercise, there is a concentration on how to improve posture, coordination and how fluid the moves are executed. With time, you will become more aware of your body with your instructor’s cues, and you’ll learn to master correct form and alignment from posture correction exercises.

An XTEND instructor will mentor you through every workout, modifying and advancing any movement as required. It’s a full body workout that can be practiced and enjoyed by anyone – at any fitness level – with massive benefits for your body.

With regular practice, you will notice changes in the way you walk, the way you sit and the way you stand. XTEND Barre will provide you with a stronger core, better posture, greater endurance and improved energy levels overall.

So what are you waiting for?
Give your body the full body workout it needs and deserves.

Meet you at the barre!

Stacey Chew is the owner of XTEND Burleigh – Gold Coast.  She has a professional dance background and has taught dance and fitness for over 20 years. Stacey was previously Wellness Coach and Trainer at The Golden Door Health Retreat.