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When a new member starts at XTEND, the first question we always ask is: “What are your goals?” The answer is usually a variation of “I need to fit into the jeans I had when I was 18”, or “I want a flat tummy”, or maybe even “I want to do the splits.”

Some people don’t seem to think they have a goal. But if you have taken that first step into an XTEND studio, or even picked up the phone to call us, then you do have a goal.

It sounds obvious, but if you want to see improvements in your fitness and health, you need to have a clear idea of what it is you want to achieve.

Goals need to be set and then followed up with a plan of attack. So how do we do that at XTEND?

  1. BE REALISTIC – when embarking on a new training program think of it as a slow burn. Be in it for the long haul. Don’t expect results in one week. Allow yourself a month to find your rhythm, two months to start to feel stronger and three months to really see a difference. Going too hard too soon can lead to disappointment or injury. You may think you’ll get to the studio every day but if you don’t you’ll feel bad. Begin with two or three classes each week and give them 100% effort. And remember to rest too!
  2. BE ORGANISED – set yourself up for success. At the start of the week, book in all of your classes. Lock them into your schedule factoring in your work and family commitments. Never miss a Monday as a strong start to the week will leave you feeling like you are in control. Be sure to have healthy meals and snacks prepared. Nutrition and movement go hand in hand. Your results will be vastly enhanced by a diet of fresh food, plenty of water and quality sleep too. If attending early morning classes, lay out your active wear and water bottle before bed.
  3. IDENTIFY YOUR GOAL – really think about what it is that brought you to the studio and what you would like to achieve. If you have an emotional connection to your goal, there’s a greater chance you’ll achieve it. For example, “I want to FEEL CONFIDENT when I go to the beach in my bikini” … therefore my goal is to tone up my tummy and thighs. Or “I need a break from my kids and the grinding routine of mum life, so that I FEEL LIKE I AM MY OWN PERSON ” … therefore my goal is to attend two classes and take time just for me each week.
  4. BE ACCOUNTABLE – tell someone or everyone about your goal. Put it out there and then you’ll have to follow through. Your friends, partner, mum or kids will support you and cheer you on when you are killing it. They’ll also tell you not to sweat it if you miss a workout or have a sneaky splurge. Writing your intention up on the wall, or on your mirror or homescreen, is a great way to keep you on track. Keeping a class record and food diary is easy, and it’s another great way to check what is or isn’t working.
  5. BE OPEN & ADAPTABLE: Some weeks things will fall into place. Other times, work may get out of hand or you may be feeling unwell. Don’t panic. Reschedule and work harder the following week. Be open to trying new workouts too. At XTEND we have a diverse range of classes that all deliver results. Barre, HIIT, Pilates, Stretch and many more. Discuss your goals and your schedule with your instructors and they will happily tailor a program to suit your needs. Plus they will be right there cheering you on and pushing you to XTEND your limits in each and every class.
  6. BE POSITIVE: As trainers go, we are as experienced and supportive as they come at XTEND. We have a proven formula for achieving fantastic results with the XTEND workout – in a nurturing, supportive environment. Who could ask for more than that? But if you really want to succeed, tell yourself daily “if it is to be, it’s up to me.”

Commit to the goal, follow the plan of attack and most importantly, believe in yourself.

You’ve got this!

Shay Stafford is the owner of XTEND Stones Corner. A professional dancer of over 20 years, including 12-years at the Moulin Rouge and Lido de Paris, Shay is now an instructor trainer and a mum of two.