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These moves are the foundation of the XTEND method, which combines the principles of Pilates with the energy of dance to create a dynamic and effective workout. We’ve broken it down step by step so you can master the basic moves and get the most out of your workout.

First Position

  1. Standing with legs and feet together, rock back onto heels, lifting toes
  2. Rotate legs from the hips outward so your whole legs and feet externally rotate, and your feet create a smile
  3. Important to not just turn out from the ankle or knee, but the whole leg

Second Position

  1. Keeping this external rotation step the leg out to the side so you have a wide stance
  2. Keep hands out to the sides of the body

First Position

  1. Arms hug in front of you as though hugging a big beach ball
  2. Keep hands in line with belly button
  3. Elbows should stay lifted slightly and shoulders neutral

Second Position

  1. Take arms from first position and open them wider to the side of your body
  2. Arms should stay in your peripheral vision, never behind you

Low Fifth

  1. Lower arms toward the legs, in same shape of holding beachball from first
  2. Try not to rest arms on legs

High Fifth

  1. From first position of the arms, lift this shape upward as high as your arms will go, without lifting your shoulders
  2. Keep shape within peripheral vision


  1. Stand in first position (natural turnout), keep heels connected to the floor and bend knees to create diamond shape
  2. To bend, pretend to slide down an imaginary wall. Keep shoulders over hips, and hips stacked over feet
  3. To stand, press into the floor with four corners of the feet, squeeze bottom and slide spine back up the imaginary wall

Fold Over

  1. Face toward barre and take a step back
  2. Hinge from the hips and place folded arms on the barre
  3. Heels stay directly under hips, and soften knees
  4. Stretch one leg behind you, with tip of the toe on the floor, keep weight in other leg to support you


  1. From second position plie, step one foot back behind the front foot
  2. Front foot stays flat and the back foot should have a high heel
  3. Both knees are bent, keeping your weight even between both front and back foot
  4. Step back to second Plie

Chair Plié

  1. Face towards the barre with toes directly under and hands on barre slightly wider than shoulder width
  2. Bend knees and lower hips as if sitting in a chair
  3. Keep arms straight, and shoulders over hips at all times
  4. Aim to get arms and thighs horizontal
  5. To stand, push into the heels and squeeze bottom as you lift up


  1. Sit up tall with legs slightly bent in front of you, spine stacked and neutral
  2. Start by scooping the belly down to the spine with an exhalation
  3. Tuck your tail under and roll backward one vertebrae at a time to create a Capital C shape with your spine
  4. Bottom ribs should be as close as possible to hips, keep belly button drawn into spine, and shoulders relaxed back and down

Challenge Zone

You’ll often hear your instructor pushing you to enter YOUR challenge zone. Your challenge zone is where you are willing to push your boundaries, and find your X factor. Sometimes it is easy to stay where we feel comfortable, but when we choose the other path and you enter your challenge zone…that is when you get your body and soul performing to the max.



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