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We’re all time poor – let’s be honest. And sometimes it can feel like there are simply not enough hours in the day.

When it comes to exercise, opt for a workout that is going to give you the best results from the time and energy you invest.

New clients are always asking me, why barre? How is it effective? And what sort of results can I expect to see?

I’ve trained thousands of women in our XTEND Barre method and time and time again, the results speak for themselves. Keen to learn more?

Here are 5 visible results you can expect to see if you develop a regular barre habit.

  1. Muscle tone – the number one benefit of regular barre is greater muscle tone. Stronger, more taut glutes, leaner thighs and a defined upper body (let’s get our sexy back, people … literally). Using small hand weights and resistance bands for our toning exercises sculpts muscles. Fast.
  2. Posture – have you ever seen a dancer with bad posture? No. Do you want to stand and walk tall like a prima ballerina? Barre is the only exercise of its kind that strives to improve posture, encouraging a long neutral spine, lovely open shoulders and an elegant neckline. Misty Copeland, eat your heart out.
  3. Fat loss – the biggest misconception when it comes to barre is that it’s easy. It’s not. XTEND Barre is not a dance class, it’s a serious workout that is guaranteed to make you SWEAT. Hearts race, calories are burned (on average, around 300+ per class) and overall cardio-fitness is drastically improved. You want an exercise class where you feel like you’ve really pushed your limits? Get to the barre already.
  4. Better core strength – the XTEND Barre workout is anchored by the same principles that underpin Pilates. It’s all about control, stability and focus. Expect a challenging series of abdominal exercises guaranteed to strengthen your core.
  5. Improved mood – you know that sense of wellbeing you get from a really good full body workout? When the endorphins kick in and your entire body feels energised? Yes, that’s the feeling. Now combine this with the mini-burst of euphoria you get when you discover you’re stronger than you were a week ago and you’re now moving like you never dreamed you could. Not to mention the support you feel from a community of fellow barre enthusiasts – a hallmark of every XTEND studio. It’s good for the body, good for the mind and good for the soul.

So what are you waiting for?

Hit the barre and start experiencing the results for yourself.

Shay Stafford is the owner of XTEND Stones Corner. A professional dancer of over 20 years, including 12-years at the Moulin Rouge and Lido de Paris, Shay is now an instructor trainer and a mum of two.