Amanda Jakelic - XTEND
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Amanda Jakelic

Amanda Jakelic

"If it is not challenging you, it is not going to change you."

Amanda Jakelic has always been passionate about fitness – having worked as a professional dancer, taught dance for many years and receiving a Diploma in Classical Ballet. She loves how movement and music can re-energise the body, mind and soul and after trying her very first XTEND Barre class in 2012 she was instantly hooked. “It is a perfect combination of fitness, dance and Pilates that is fun and challenges your whole body in one class”. As an instructor, Amanda hopes to help her clients achieve their fitness goals and to pass on her love for the workout so much that they leave wanting to come back for more! Amanda cannot wait to meet you at the barre. 

Studio(s) I teach at

My signature move

Black Swan Arms and Hover Lunges.

Members would describe me as

The smiling assassin.

Song that makes me move

Florence and the Machine - You've got the love.

Something on my bucket list

Go on safari in Africa!