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Barbara Stewart

Barbara Stewart

Barb has always had a passion for movement and anything to do with fitness. She grew up doing Ballet and Jazz, and started attending studio pilates classes when she was 17 years old. Ever since then she has been practicing Pilates (mat, reformer & studio) and absolutely loves it!  She loves the feeling you get after a great pilates class where you feel refreshed, taller & all stretched out, and knowing that you still managed to work/tone certain muscles/parts of your body. Whilst on maternity leave with her second child, she realised that her passion for pilates just kept on growing as it really helped her regain her core strength and to get back into shape. Because of this she decided to leave the full-time corporate world of logistics, and focus on a pilates teaching career. During her practical training at Polestar, she has not only learnt the importance of breath in movement, but also how to design classes based on the client’s levels and contraindications (if any). Through her classes, she wants to share her passion with others and inspire them to feel better about their body and themselves by reaching their goals through movement.

My signature move

Anything to work the booty!

Members would describe me as

Tough, but in a good way! And always have a new move/flow to challenge the members with.

Song that makes me move

Any old school R’n’B tune.

Something on my bucket list

Safari in South Africa.