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Bree Turansky

Bree Turansky

Summer bodies are made in Winter!

Bree has been dancing her whole life. Seven years ago, she discovered XTEND and was thrilled to finally find a workout that combined her love of dance with strength, cardio and toning. Bree is also a primary school teacher and dance teacher whose choreography has been used by the NSW Department of Education for online lessons, state festivals and teacher symposiums. As a mum of three, Bree is passionate about giving her clients time to switch off and focus on themselves – there’s no time to worry about work or kids when you’re sweating it out in one of her classes!

Studio(s) I teach at

My signature move

An intense plié series on the ball. I also love a good curtsy - so many variations to choose from!

Members would describe me as

The school teacher who makes you sweat

Song that makes me move

Let's Get Physical - Dua Lipa

Something on my bucket list

The Maldives