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Christina Dichiera

Christina Dichiera

"You're never going to regret going for it, but you may regret not going for it."

Passionate about moving people towards mindfulness and supporting people through movement, my Pilates journey started with a Hot Core Pilates class. I recall coming out of the class with equal amounts of exhaustion and energy having never done anything like it in my life.

To this day, every Pilates class I take challenges me, empowers me and makes me physically, mentally and emotionally stronger and just better at life. It was this experience that led me to becoming a Pilates Instructor.

My intention is to have you feeling more connected, in tune and at ease with your mind and body when we meet on the mat.

Studio(s) I teach at

My signature move

This girl loves a pelvic curl.

Members would describe me as

Tough on our muscles gentle with our minds.

Song that makes me move

Footloose (it's seriously involuntary, it just happens).

Something on my bucket list

Learning to surf!