Ebony Southern - XTEND
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Ebony Southern

Ebony Southern

"A problem shared is a problem halved."

EBONY lives and breathes XTEND. Ever since she did her first class at the Manly studio, she was hooked! She has always believed it was the job she was born to do- she gets to use her outside voice inside and be the centre of attention! Ebony loves the full-body, low-impact workout that XTEND offers and prides herself in making sure you can feel like you have worked every muscle in your body at the end of her classes.

When she isn’t making you lunge away in pain, she enjoys cooking up a storm, drinking and making margaritas, and snuggling her 2 beautiful bulldogs

Studio(s) I teach at

My signature move


Members would describe me as

A drill sergeant

Song that makes me move

It’s not the song but the people in the room that make me move!

Something on my bucket list

To see as many animals in as many different countries around the world as I can