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Jess Booth

Jess Booth

"Nothing changes if nothing changes."

One of the original Stones Corner team members, Jess has worked alongside Shay for many years to help the studio and its community grow. Jess has also been busy completing her university studies and is now an Exercise and Cardiac Scientist, which sees her working daily in Brisbane’s major hospitals helping patients with their heart health. As a former contemporary dancer and fully-qualified Pilates reformer and mat instructor, Jess loves to move, loves to make people move and is all about every client challenging themselves in every class she teaches.

Studio(s) I teach at

My signature move

Ballet Lunges - they hurt, but they work!

Members would describe me as

Evil! But my classes are results-driven so they forgive me

Song that makes me move

Anything from Beyonce: I have the Homecoming Live album on repeat

Something on my bucket list

To live in New York