Lorren De Lucia - XTEND
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Lorren De Lucia

Lorren De Lucia

A favourite lecturer once taught me, “Integrity is nothing to hide and nothing to prove”.

While Lorren grew up dancing, she didn’t discover XTEND until her thirties, well after her dancing career had finished. She instantly loved the high energy workout that combined strength and toning, with dance-fun elements.

But Lorren fell a little more in love with XTEND while pregnant with her first child; never had she felt so strong and empowered. Postnatally, the modifications helped regain her fitness confidence – and those pesky abs! Lorren can’t wait to join you at the barre (perhaps with a sneaky jazz-hand or two).

Studio(s) I teach at

My signature move

ANY of the glute series

Members would describe me as

Tongue-tied; my words all fight to get out of my mouth at the same time! But hopefully they would also describe me as funny. A good laugh always helps when you’re deep in the burn!

Song that makes me move

Can I just share my entire fabulous 80s playlist?

Something on my bucket list

I have a terrible fear of heights, but one day I really want to go up in a hot air balloon.