Meg Mackey - XTEND
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Meg Mackey

Meg Mackey

“Kindness is free, so why not throw it around like confetti everywhere you go.”

Fav Quote -Studio Manager, Meg, is the person to see if you ever need a lift in spirits! Meg, originally from Canada (we love her accent) brings energy and passion to the studio.  Meg keeps the wheels turning in studio, exuding such genuine care for all our members!

When not in studio she loves spending time changing up her house or spending time with her hubby and gorgeous pup, Isla!  Meg fell in love with XTEND because it’s so effective – it’s challenging yet nurturing and truly is for EVERY body! She loves seeing clients’ smiles in studio and seeing their postures improve, their muscles define and the confidence and empowerment shine out of them once they’ve embraced XB life! “The people we meet, the community of strong people we get to surround ourselves with, all while having fun and getting fit makes it impossible NOT to love XB!”

Studio(s) I teach at

My signature move

Inner Thigh Combo with the Playground Ball - OUCH! Or 2nd to curtsy triceps

Members would describe me as

Loud and kooky, but caring and supportive

Song that makes me move

Spice Girls “Spice World” at the barre - a big nod to my pre-teen dancing days

Something on my bucket list

To become the renovation queen and redo our whole house - and MAYBE get on The Block someday