Melissa Palsson - XTEND
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Melissa Palsson

Melissa Palsson

If you are persistent you will get it, if you are consistent you will keep it.

Growing up as a dancer, Melissa had always loved movement and music. She was able to further her passion through her education at Newtown High School of the Performing Arts. However, during her senior years, Melissa knew she needed to allocate more time to her senior studies which meant cutting out extensive afternoons of rehearsals. Shortly after, Melissa discovered XTEND at the Mosman studio which gave her everything she could have wished for in 45 minutes; movement, music, and a full body workout. She loved it so much that she soon became an Instructor at just 17 years of age, and now has the privilege of challenging clients to leave them feeling amazing and a little sweaty! 

Studio(s) I teach at

My signature move

Elbow to knee cardio variations

Members would describe me as

The Smiling Assassin

Song that makes me move

'A little Party never killed nobody'- Fergie

Something on my bucket list

To volunteer in countries all over the world!