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Paola Raffinetti

Paola Raffinetti

Paola Raffinetti, originally from South Africa, began Pilates when studying dance in 2000. Pilates improved her performance, body awareness and enabled her to manage her injuries. Inspired by her own experience, she then went on to become a Pilates Teacher in 2001 while completing her degree in Dance Teaching. In 2006 Paola moved to London where she was given the opportunity to further her knowledge as a Pilates Teacher and continued her education with The Pilates Foundation UK.

Through her teaching Paola aims to bring each client a greater awareness of their individual movement habits and to remodel any faulty patterns. She focuses on promoting functional movement, self-awareness and understanding of each unique body. This has lead to Paola conducting workshops in conjunction with her Pilates sessions for those who want to further understand their body. These workshops gives a person tools to combat their aches and pains from running, cycling, Pilates, XTEND or even from sitting at a desk all day at work. Relieving tension and understanding why certain areas ache or get aggravated creates a better mind body connection when pursuing other activities.

Paola is experienced at teaching clients of all abilities, and has a particular interest in injury prevention and rehabilitation, continually being amazed at how Pilates can assist in speeding up the recovery process. Paola welcomes working with any client, no matter what level or age and aims to keep her classes fresh, fun, interesting and challenging.

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