Rowena Hunt - XTEND
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Rowena Hunt

Rowena Hunt

"There are no limits to what your body can do. Don't wait until tomorrow to find out."

Rowena has worked in the Entertainment Industry for over 25 years, both performing on stage and behind the scenes as a Hair and Make Up Artist.

She studied under the guidance of David Atkins at Dynamite Dance Studios and holds an Associate Diploma in Performing Arts.

In conjunction with performing, Rowena has an equally successful career as a Dance and Performing Arts teacher, owning her own studio and working extensively with many educational and Performing Arts schools throughout Sydney spanning across 25 years.

Rowena’s passion for teaching and Dance brings her to the XTEND Community, along with her extended focus on woman’s health, strength and vitality.

Rowena’s instructor credentials cover XTEND, Suspend (TRX), Fit Ball and Sweat.

Studio(s) I teach at

My signature move

I love to whip out a good ‘circus trick’ when the time is right and a favourite would be inversions, handstands, headstands, reverse planks or balancing pikes; up the wall, with a TRX, off the Barre or on a prop. I’m always thinking up something.

Members would describe me as

High energy - dance and movement have brought joy to a big part of my life and I can’t help but create that vibe in all my classes. I’m like a caring friend ….but the challenge is real.

Song that makes me move

Any great anthem from the 80’s – 2000 regularly make an appearance in my class.

Something on my bucket list

Some sort of elevated fitness Ninja Stunt Woman vibe is brewing in my imagination.