Sammy Muskett - XTEND
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Sammy Muskett

Sammy Muskett

“If you never try, you’ll never know!”

Sammy has such an infectious personality and she brings such laughter and fun to the studio!  Sammy is always ready to jump in and help members to XTEND their limits and get the most out of their time in studio! Sammy has a background as a dancer – she currently teaches at Industrie Performing Arts as well as XTEND Rosny Park!

Sammy says “I love XTEND because… it’s all the things I love! Grounded in dance and musicality, it’s unique fitness and fun for all, it allows me to teach and help people realise their unlimited potential and it allows me to be surrounded by happy, genuine souls every class. What’s not to love!?”

Studio(s) I teach at

My signature move

Supine Lifts – get that core going!

Members would describe me as

Maybe a little silly or airy fairy!

Song that makes me move

Crazy in Love by Beyonce

Something on my bucket list

To go Bungee Jumping!