Zoe Ainscough - XTEND
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Zoe Ainscough

Zoe Ainscough

“Hustle for the muscle!” - Lauren Gleisberg

Zoe grew up training in all styles of dance from a young age right up until 18, competing in Sydney as well as interstate and overseas. She took her very first XTEND class in 2016 and loved the challenge and combination between fitness and dance it provided. She taught dance from the age of 15 – 20 and loved the feeling she got seeing her students and now clients achieve their goals and loves to finish class with a smile. When the opportunity to become an XTEND instructor presented itself, it seemed like the perfect fit and she can’t wait to meet you at the barre!

Studio(s) I teach at

My signature move

Hundreds for the abs & curtsies for the legs

Members would describe me as

Smiling while they’re sweating!

Song that makes me move

Anything from the 90s & early 2000s

Something on my bucket list

Live overseas